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Transfer Harvest Home Fair
Oldest and Best Since 1877

2017 Fair Information
Guidelines for Homemaker Entries
Exhibitors General Rules

Animal Health Rules and Regulations
General Entry Form

Pre-Entry Notice to All Exhibitors
Animal Owner/Caretaker's Verification of Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship
Official Livestock Entry Form

Birdless Poultry Department Form
Rabbit Department Form
Department 1 Horse Show
Department 2 Dairy Cattle
Department 3 Beef Cattle
Department 4 Sheep

Department 5 Swine
Department 6 Dairy Goats
Department Llams/Alpacas Demonstration & FunShow

Department 8 Birdless Poultry

Department 9 Rabbits
Department 10 4-H and Vocational F.F.A.
Department 11 Youth under 19
Department 12 Hay & Grain
Department 13 Vegetables
Department 14 Fruits and Nuts
Department 15 Home and Dairy Products
Department 17 Floral Exhibits  
Department 18 Needlecraft
Department 19 Arts & Crafts

Department 20 Group Exhibits
Department 23 Apiary Products
Special Events / Contests
Parade Competition/Compensation - Section 2
Baby Photo Contest
Preferred PA Chocolate Cake Baking Contest
Preferred PA Chocolate Cookie, Brownie or Bar Baking Contest
Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Contest

PEQAP Angel Food Cake Baking Contest
Good Housekeeping Awards
Special Track Related Contests
Demolition Derby
Truck & Tractor Pull

Mud Drags & Mud Bog

MONDAY  8/21  6:00 PM

TUESDAY  8/22  6:15 PM

WEDNESDAY  8/23  7:00 PM


THURSDAY  8/24  7:00 PM

FRIDAY  8/25  7:00 PM

SATURDAY  8/26  5:00 PM