Exhibitors General Rules

1.  All exhibitors agree to be bound by the rules and regulations of Transfer Harvest Home Association.

2.   Reasonable care will be taken to protect al exhibits on display from all injury and damage but the fair is not in any way to be held responsible for accidents, loss or damage by water, fire, or otherwise, whatever may be the cause or extent of the damage or loss.

3.  Decision of the judges’ shall be final in all cases.

4.  It shall be the responsibility of the exhibitor to property name the article or breed they are entering.  Any exhibit improperly entered will be disqualified.

5. All entries must have been grown, produced or completed since the last fair by the person whose name appears on the tag as exhibitor.

6.  The fair manager may, at any time, order the removal of any exhibit in bad condition and any article unfit to show may be excluded.  Food products cannot be polluted with any substance or chemical that caused them to become poisonous and not fit to be used.

7.  During the judging, buildings are to be closed to everyone except judges, fair officials and necessary attendants.  Any exhibitor interfering with or attempting to communicate with the judges while making awards shall forfeit any premium to which he otherwise would have been entitled.

8.  In cases where there is no competition, judges may give an award such as they deem the exhibit is worthy to receive.  Same rule applies where there are fewer entries in any class than the number of premiums offered.

9.  Any person detected tampering with exhibits will be dealt with according to the law.

10.  Honorable mention and best of show ribbons will be awarded where judges feel they are merited.

11.  The Fair Board and its Supervisors reserve the right to restrict or refuse any and all entries.